Academy of the Potty

Welcome to Academy of the Potty, where students learn about and experience first hand their own body functions. Students will develop an appreciation for dry underwear , preferably with something cool like Spiderman or Bob the builder on the toosh. This is an intensive learning workshop that will take anywhere from a week to a year based on proficiency and over all willingness to cooperate with staff. Wearing of diapers is discouraged but will be allowed under circumstances where an accident would prove highly embarassing or inconvenient. At Academy of the Potty we strive for excellence and reward students achievements with candy.

Here is our newest student looking surprised and embarrassed at being caught in his briefs. But that little toosh is so cute. This student has begun his training workshop at the impressionable age of 22 months. Our average age of completion is about 25 months so he is right on track to keep up with former alumni.
Here he is again catching up on some studying with Field and Stream Magazine. We provide a well stocked library for our students.

Sweet success! We will be expecting our prized student to graduate from Potty Academy anytime with in the next several days, weeks or months.


Jobina said...

aw, I wanted to see the pics but they won't show up! So are you the professor? The dean? Those candy rewards work wonders! For Trinity it was stickers and for the little guy I used to babysit, it was crafts. He got to do one every time he went. Loved it!

Carla Burlando said...

I think I'm the janitor!...with a ready roll of paper towel.