Goodbyes and watching for winter

We had Mom and Dad over for dinner the night before they left for Haiti. Here they are spending some time with the kids. I can't believe how tall Aili looks in this picture. She is sure growing up. I have this forboding awareness that the years are short and we will be in the grips of adolensence before we know it. What happened to my pigtailed chubby legged cherub? She has become a gangly girl who sits on the couch trying to read chapter books! There is such a difference between the little girl she was even in Kindergarten and the grown up girl she is now in second grade. She is still my quirky, caring, "mothering" Aili though.

We drove Mom and Dad to the Airport Monday. It was nice to meet Auntie Gerrie and my Grandma there too for a quick coffee and visit before the big send off. I am so proud of my parents and their heart to help those in need. They are in for an amazing adventure! We will miss them though, especially the kids. They are such 'hands on' amazing Grandparents.

I had to include my lovely fall flowers. My sweet husband brought them home from town and surprised me with them. It is definately a rarity that deserves celebration on my blog post! It really is fine with me that my hubby doesn't bring me flowers very often because I am far to cheap and practical to have our money spent on frivilous things like flowers :) besides it makes it more special and unexpected when it does happen!

The weather is changing again and our final encore to summer seems to be over. It definately looks and feels like winter is around the corner. By the way did I mention I am NOT looking forward to the cold, the snow, the ice and my entry way being filled with snowpants, soggy mitts, boots, and hats. Toddlers and snow just don't go well together. Silas loves being outside but once he is so bundled up that he can barely move and he resembles the little brother on a Christmas Story some of the freedom is gone. Then comes loosing his mitts while he tries to climb out of the snow drift he is trapped in, a screaming toddler, frozen hands and a mom wondering why she bothers going outside at all. Good fun. Ok I'm feeling a little grumbly.

We have two new pets this week also. We adopted Mom and Dads border collie for the winter and Roman found a little kitten hiding in some bushes at the back of our yard. Not totally uncommon around here. My kids who have been begging for a pet are now thrilled. That is until the dog has to go home and the kitten gets eaten by a Coyote. Ok, still grumbly. I think I'd better go put my grumpy butt to bed. Maybe I should stop and look at my flowers on the way and remember how lucky I am....even if winter is on its way.
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Grandpa Steve said...

amusing heartfelt writing. Keep it up.

Maybe you were grumbly, I think not. Just realistic and honest.

Have a great week!

lanagummeson said...

I adore reading your heart friend. It makes me miss you SO much more and SO much less... its like I never left your side. Love you.

Mayo said...

Brilliant!! That's nice way to spent money on flowers.