August Camping

My "big kids" got their first try at carrying Cece in the Ergo carrier while I supervised close by. It made them feel pretty grown up and Miss Cece enjoyed the view and attention from her big sis and brother. Roman is looking a little bit Mexican in this photo. Barefoot and a baby sister strapped to his back...although the carrier is a little more high-tech than the average shawl sling.

Miss Cece loved the water. She was fascinated by the sand and water as she sat wiggling and splashing in it. It's so fun to watch a child discover the world around them. I feel so blessed to be a part of that. Cece will be 5 months old in a few days!

My boys waiting to get pulled behind a friends boat. They had so much fun!
The Dad's hanging out with the boys around the campfire.Serenity.
  • a disposition free from stress or emotion
  • peace: the absence of mental stress or anxiety
Last weekend we went camping with our church family. It was so nice to visit, relax and enjoy each others company in such a casual atmosphere. So important for strengthening friendships, sharing our lives, and deepening relationships.
It was a good family time for us too.

The weather has now taken a turn and we have had cool, wet, stormy weather all week. I hope that these pictures weren't the last hoorah of summer. It has been a crazy wet summer! I don't think , as farmers, I've ever considered saying we've had too much rain...but this year...quite possibly we have. The crops which looked amazing a couple months ago (due to so much rain) have now been pummeled by relentless wind, rain and hail storms. Whats left standing is soggy and rotting rather than ripening. I think my families farm may have faired better than some (a lot of farmers didn't even get their land seeded due to so much rain) but we could sure use a couple months of hot dry weather. With winter just around the corner ,and such a short growing season, it's going to be cutting it close I think.
All this cool weather has me thinking about (dreading) the end of summer. In case you are new to my blog and haven't heard me complain about Canadian winter....I intensely dislike the cold. As I watch the looming clouds and feel the chill that's already in the air and I can't help but picture snow and ice. A shiver just ran down my spine even writing those words.
I want to load up my car and drive to my Mexican home.
I haven't written about Mexico much since we came back to Canada. Not because I don't think about it. I think about our time there, our friends there and our possible return there on a daily basis. I miss it so much! (although I am still enjoying living in a real house).

We have absolutely no idea if we will make it down there again this winter. It won't be for an extended time like last year but I am still dreaming of a few weeks or a month of rekindling friendships, checking on our kids in Santa Fe, and hitting a few taco stands...not gonna lie about the taco cravings.

I have a feeling this winter will be focused on fighting for our girl here in Canada before we can take her down to Mexico as part of our family. More on that later.

Another big change this winter is that we will be homeschooling for the first time in a real home. We did it for 6 months in our trailer last winter but this will be our first full school year. It will also be our first time using our own curriculum and making our own rules (last year we just took their books from school and attempted to keep up with the busy work). It's been a summer of going back and forth trying to decide what to do. Pros and Cons, praying, thinking, investigating. I have lots to write about regarding our decision and why we decided, after 4 years of enjoying public rural school , to make a somewhat drastic switch. I am now, officially, a home-school mom. I guess I'd better start sewing our matching denim skirts....or not.

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Jonathan said...

I'd be really interested to hear more about your decision to homeschool! Cute pics, as usual!