Children of the corn

We found this little guy on the "Island of Grumpy" and against our better judgement decided to bring him home with us. He is a gifted grump...he could put Oscar out of business.
That is unless he decides the fun, silly, happy boy should come out to play.
I like the happy boy...the grumpy one can go back to Grumpy Island.

This little girl is about as sweet as strawberry sherbet. She is so easy to love.
At five months old Miss Cece is full of giggles and smiles. She is a relentless flirt and melt hearts where ever she goes. I love how she smiles with her whole face. I wish I could show you a picture of how adorable she really is. She now has two teeth and a bunch more on the way.

Cece has come so far this past month. She is rolling all over the place, picking up and playing with toys and discovering the world around her. I really do love this age.

I forgot ,after a string of newborn foster babes, how much I love the big baby stage....until they get to the toddler years and it all goes down hill for a bit. Generally.

I've started pureeing some fruit and vegis and she is now getting her first tastes of real food. Its still a time consuming and messy endeavor to get food from the spoon into her belly but she's slowly figuring out how to eat without sucking.

At 5 months old she is very much bonded with us and has a strong sense of who her peeps are. She is crazy happy when Daddy gets home from work and she just about turns herself inside out to get to him. She is just as impressed with her foster siblings. Aili was away at camp for a week. Cece smiled so big when we went to pick up big sister that her eyes nearly disappeared. Big sister was just as happy.

She has a very healthy natural attachment and bond to me, her mama. Being that there is no bio mom that has been involved in her life at all....I'm it. Both bio parents have voluntarily signed their parenting rights away....which is the best thing they could have done for their child. Sad but true.
I hope to be her mommy for ever. At this point she will always be my daughter, regardless. It's easier to not put myself emotionally in the role of "mom" when there is another mommy who loves them and makes an effort to visit or to be reunited. In that case I am the loving "auntie", support person and caregiver....foster mom. This precious girl deserves a mommy...not a caregiver while she is in my home.

Should she go to another adoptive family , that foundation of healthy bonding and stimulation will be essential. She has learned to attach, to bond, and to love. She has learned security. Some babies/ children are denied that. Babes who are institutionalized , neglected, or bounced from care give to care giver develop "attachment disorder"...which can cause a whole LOT of problems throughout their lives.
As you can probably tell by the matter of fact way I'm describing her being placed with another family ...I am emotionally disassociating myself from that possibility. The "system" is so uncertain. I think it will nearly put me in my grave if that day comes. The time we've been blessed with her will still be worth it though.

Change of topic....
My boys helping harvest the garden.

My freezer is filling up more and more each week. I'm a freezing machine! Corn, peas, beans, herbs, diced onions, ground zucchini , jam.....baby food.
I like to freeze stuff. It's fast and easy and it feels great to know I'm saving lots of money in our grocery bill this winter.


Rebecca M said...

Nice work on all that freezing!! We didn't grow corn this year and my boys are bummed!

Praying for Cece!

Julie said...

I love freezing things too...it's fun! I'm into freezing fresh fruit right now. Great in smoothies all winter long!

ANd...I am so praying that YOU all are the forever family for baby Cece!!

Manda said...

How precious is that! I love your children of corn.
Makes me wish for a harvest of our own!!!