Jumping Baby and a Juicer

Miss Cece has learned a few new tricks this week. We pulled out the old Jolly Jumper and she was more than ready to test out her springs. She is so very proud of her new talent.

She's been a jumping machine for the last couple days. She jumps, giggles and squeals for most of her awake time. Which seems to have a nice effect on her nap time.
I don't know who has more fun....those of us watching her and cheering her on, or the girl with the big chubby cheeked smile. Aren't those rolls just squeezable?
All that jumping is not very good for the digestion. We have nicknamed the Jolly Jumper the "Puke-a -tron".
It's finally that time of year up here on the Canadian prairie. My garden is just now ready to be consumed. We are currently eating copious amounts of fresh garden veggies.

I think I need a bigger garden next year! The plants all grew so huge this year that the rows all run together making harvesting a little tricky. Abundance is a nice problem to have though.
What is my little food skeptic drinking?

Just a little something he and I concocted. Despite some initial hesitation he actually drank the whole glass containing a lot of lettuce, some swiss chard, carrots, some beets for color (and loads of nutrition) and watermelon for some sweetness...oh, and an apple. Tastes like a smoothy.
Can you see all the body-building- disease-busting vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, enzymes, and anti-0xidants in that glass?

hmm , on second thought I don't know if my kids need any more super power energy.....


Colleen Taylor said...

Carla, I love this post ... the squishy, happy baby, the super-abundant garden, and that loaded fresh juice!

Ashley DeLen said...

yum yum yum,......

Have a wonderful weekend with your family and your amazing garden!