Peppy the pony

 We are still experimenting and getting used to home education.  I don't think two weeks have been quite the same.  Some days are wonderful and some are horrible.  We are figuring out what works (and doesn't) work  for us.   I have lots of thoughts, frustrations, successes, joys and fears to journal about but I lack the time to do it.   Time... personal-me-time is in much shorter supply lately.    Creative energy is in pretty short supply as well.  Energy in general actually.

So I'll save the homeschooling report for another day.

 Roman has a new friend.  Peppy is his name.   In the last month we've managed to acquire 1 horse and 1 pony (without buying either).  Roman has an imagination full of adventures that he and his new friend are going to take.   Peppy is ..well..peppy.  Big attitude in a little package.  Given that  he and  Roman seem to both have slight delusions of grandeur they should relate to each other well.
 Silas had his first horse ride on little Peppy.  He insisted that he needed a complete cowboy costume but his farmer duds consisted of rubber boots and a Carhartt jacket.   The helmets are mandatory at 4-H so we decided that we'd start the kids using them for riding.  Not exactly cool, but considering how much faster and higher a horse is than a bike we thought it made sense.
Silas has been obsessively  asking to ride a horse for a few weeks now.  He was actually brave enough to do it to...until it started trotting, then it was time to get off.

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Anonymous said...

I love that little saddle! My boys have been riding my horses and I saw a cute little saddle in Early's that I'd love to get them. If you know of anyone selling a little saddle or a adult saddle in good condition let me know.