It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We love Christmas!  
Last  year we missed out on most of  our usual family traditions and opted for a Mexican Christmas which included stringing lights up around our trailer, caroling in migrant work camps, and delicious traditional
 Mexican feats.  The year before, we spent 2 weeks in Washington state with family.   It's been two years since we had Christmas at home.
Fingers crossed that we will have Christmas at home this year (if you wonder why read the post below).
Just in case we aren't we decided to get the festivities started nice and early.

 Silas, who has very little recollection of any of our Canadian traditions, REALLY got into it.
My hubby and I basically stood back, snapped a few pictures and let the kids take over.

We received this nativity set this summer as a gift  from my sister in law Brook.  
It's hand made Mexican tin art.  Tacky, colorful, different.  We love it!
It looks so pretty with the twinkling Christmas tree lights next to it.  
Six stockings this year.  For some reason that number just feels right. 

We have a fake tree.  We bought it a few years ago and it's the most beautiful tree we've  ever had.  Remember, we live in the Canadian prairie where real ones are expensive and mostly pathetic.  We've had our share of Charlie Brown trees.

The kids are already begging to begin Christmas baking.  I'm not quite as excited as they are.  I do like to eat Christmas goodies though.    I can't even keep up with our normal baking right now  but I've started to compile a mental list of easy. nut-free, cinnamon free, egg-free treats.  That pretty much leaves out all of my favorites and any thing good.  I will need to be creative (and keep a secret stash out of reach of allergy boy).

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.

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Ashley DeLen said...

I love Christmas! I hope and pray that your Christmas is a blessed and peaceful one this year! Greeting from America and our lands of Thanksgiving :O)