consuming copious amounts of sugar and caffeine

  For some reason I keep waiting for things to "slow down" a bit, but from one season to the next it only changes slightly.  It never really gets less busy.  Having 4 kids at home all day everyday does not leave a lot of down time. This is where those of you who questioned the sanity of our decision can  insert a "duh!"
 I am loving our new home schooling lifestyle and in some ways it's a lot less hectic but in many ways it's a much more intentional daily effort.
 Roman is starting to read though...as long as I find him easy to read books that aren't "baby books".   It's difficult to get very easy reading books that appeal to a 7 year old boy...Dora  isn't going to cut it.   We found
"Buzz Boy and Fly Guy" is perfect.  He's reading his new favorite book about comic book writing, giant fly befriending, super heros who happen to fight pirates.  Our challenges have so much more to do with capturing his attention than actual ability.

I find myself wishing today that I could plug myself into one of the many "chargers"  we have hanging out of every outlet in our house.   A mommy charger.  Coffee is about the closest thing I have right now.  A nap would feel heavenly.   Instead we baked Christmas treats.  Not quite as relaxing as a nap....

We had fun though.  Then I sent them all the basement to watch a Christmas movie while I recovered from our "fun".  

Never a dull moment with our little comedian who has a "real boy" short hair cut for the first time in his life.  He looks so cute and it's nice to  see his eyes again.
This poor boy has had a raging, oozing, dripping ear infection for over a week now.  Good times.  
We may need a re-fill on the prescription since it's still gross a week later.  
He is feeling better than he was a week ago though so those antibiotics must be doing something. 
                                  He's feeling well enough to help mom bake, ham it up for the camera and make a general nuisance of himself. 
 Other than freaky ear boy  this cold and flu season has treated us fairly well.
Can't complain...well I guess I kind of am.  Oh well.  
I just need a nap...or just the right ratio of refined sugar and caffeine.  
No wonder our "Christmas baking" never lasts until Christmas.

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Jobina said...

aw, Freaky Ear Boy looks so cute with his big boy haircut! It's amazing what hair (or lack thereof) can do to a person's looks.
I finally caved and bought real coffee. I was going to Starbucks too much for a fix, so now I'm the proud owner of a $9, 900g (great deal hey?) bag of beautiful, fresh coffee beans from Superstore. I've now joined the club that cannot communicate properly until I've had my morning cup. Ahhh, but the buzz afterward is *so* worth it!
Enjoy your caffeine and refined sugar!