adoption update and goofy kid photos

I felt the urge today  to let each of you, readers, lurkers, followers, and friends know that I appreciate your kindness, encouragement and prayers.   Thank you for being a place that I can be real, vulnerable and share random bits of my life.
Miss Cece's foster/adopt process has been going well in the last month or so and we were finally seeing some progress and are loving our new adoption case worker.  We have been feeling very confident that the adoption will be legalized by summer.   I thought my bubble was practically burst proof.  I should have known better.
There has been a bit of a glitch and a set back.  Just one more normal part of every adoption roller coaster.
Her adoption is pretty uncomplicated, "cut and dry" but we are working within the parameters of an overloaded under funded system.  Stacks and stacks of files.  Each one a child waiting to be  made a permanent member of a waiting family.  This may not happen on our timeline but I trust it will happen in Gods.

God knows that we have nomadic dreams and aspirations that involve taking Cece on our family adventures.  We long to return to work in Mexico.  We pray and think about it most every day.

I don't know what God has for us next year.   I don't know if it involves a new legal member of our family.  I don't know if it involves us returning to our Mexican home. I don't know if it involves something we have never even considered before.    I don't know much of anything God has planned.    God doesn't always tell us where he's leading us but we can know and trust Him.  Sometimes we plan, strive, work, schedule and make our lists but God has a bigger and better plan.   I don't want my own desires to get in the way of that.

I know what he's put on our hearts as a family.  I know the passion he's placed in each of us.  I know if we continue to hand it over in faith it will be a part of His plan for us.

 Cece's file is in a somewhat precarious state of uncertainty at the moment and I ask for your prayers.

 These are just a few random goofy kid pictures.   The sun is finally out and the temperature has returned to a Subarctic level.   A perfect day to bundle up the kids and send them out for some fresh air.
They spent over an hour playing "nomadic, indigenous Canadians hunting Caribou".   Practical and applied social studies?

 Somehow after all the trudging through snow this boy still had a superfluous amount of energy to burn.
Hand stand push ups do the trick.

 What's on top of your kitchen cupboards mom?  Never mind I'll just look myself.

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Rebecca M said...

Sorryto hear about he setbacks for Cece's adoption! Frustrating... We'll pray!! And I'm glad your kiddos were able to get outside and move around a bit. Did they catch any caribou? Is the meat good? ;)