A whole whack of Christmas photos

 This is a bunch of random pictures from the last couple days.
Aili and Roman had their first piano recital...which was cute and slightly embarrassing.
 Christmas was a beautiful family day.  We soaked it up.

Christmas Eve included games, food, and family at our home.

...and a ginger bread house.

 My grandpa.  My tall, strong, handsome grandpa is getting more frail and small each year.   Still a handsome old fella though.   So much history in those eyes.  
 Christmas Eve preparations.
 My grandma loving up her great grandkids.  She doesn't remember their names or how exactly they are descended from her but she knows they are hers and they need to be loved up by her. 
Grandma loves a baby even when she's not quite sure how she ended up looking so different than the other children. 
Christmas Eve entertainment.
It was fun to celebrate Miss Cece's first Christmas with her!

Christmas morning was a bit overwhelming for Silas.  He has no memory of "normal" Christmas at home.  He got into it though!  He was completely thrilled and content with the little army men, stickers, and new toothbrush from his stocking.  He thought that was it...
We surprised him with BUZZ! 
Christmas morning was so much fun!  We took our time and opened, oohed and aahhed over one gift at time.  The kids were so sweet and grateful for everything.   They spent most of Christmas day playing quietly with their new treasures.  
Roman and his daddy discussing his new model car.
I've always said the dark side is strong in this one.... (Aili found this for Silas at the second hand store for $1, best part no packaging!)
Our music lover can now play music in her bedroom.  You can't see it by the stoic expression on her face but she is thrilled.

After a quiet morning at home opening gifts we went to my parents for a fancy Christmas Dinner...
and more presents.  It was a fairly small gathering with just our family and my Grandparents in attendance but it was so nice.  
My mom made this beautiful sweater for Cece.  She makes sweaters for her grandkids and this struck me as such a significant gift of acceptance.   It means so much to  me that she put that many hours and that much love into a gift of for our girlie.   It will be about a year until she fits it so it's also a sign of faith, and hope.  Thank you mom and dad.

Roman and Grandma both met their snuggle match.  Someone who loves to snuggle as much as he does.  I spend many childhood hours snuggled up to this Grandma,  it's special that my own kids have the chance to do the same.  

It was a beautiful day.  The kids were terrific.  The food was amazing.  We spent the day with people that mean the most in the world to me.  Family.
I have so many family members spread all over that we didn't see today but will see later this week...or later next year.   I am so appreciative of my loving family, my heritage, my sense of belonging.  I feel very blessed and fortunate. 
  I have a close friend who grew up in foster care and doesn't have that kind of family.   My heart aches for her  during seasons like this.  She is an honorary part of this extended farmer clan though...if only she didn't live so far away she would have been here getting snuggled by Roman too.  
My family isn't made up of perfect people.  We don't always get it right.  We are all very different.  We sometimes even  irritate each other...but at the end of the day we have each other.  We love each other unconditionally and I know if I needed anyone of my family they'd have my back in a second.  No one is disposable.    That is family.   That is what I thank God for today.  

I came home filled up with the love of family.  That feeling also conflicted with the sadness of how badly other families can wound each other....and how many people are grieving loss of a loved one during this season.   Blood does not make people family, unselfish love does. 
It reminds me not to take any of it for granted....and to be open arms to those people, babies or adults, who don't know or are missing that kind of love.     

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Stacey said...

Beautiful....I have tears in my eyes.

And you are so right...blood ties do not make family but unselfish and unconditional love mixed with laughter.

Thank you for sharing your Christmas.