Christmas Toy bags

We are renting a house from a small ministry here in town.   They have 8 people working and 5 of them are new to EFF, including the directors.  Most of them have been here in Baja for years though.  It is a really incredible thing to be a part of.   We thank God for opening this opportunity for us.   We brought a bag full of small toys and a few other trinkets and cloth bags along with us.   We were thrilled to be able to join what we had up with this ministries outreach project.    The kids and Judy put together a couple hundred gift bags for boys, girls, teens, and women.   It was so nice for them to be involved.   We are enjoying this new ministry's humility, and grassroots smallness.  

Silas helping to make little note paper booklets out of donated scrap paper and loose leaf. 

Now for the fun part!

Our small group drove to a small impoverished community about half an hour away to throw a little Christmas party.

Our co-conspirator Amber and her son, who didn't find the rowdy big boys at the party much fun. 

The neighbor dog didn't appreciate the part much either. 

Cold little dirty feet.

So sweet.

We met in a little church in the community.  It was really quite a nice little place.  

We did a little drama to a Spanish Christmas song.  "Alabanza el Rey".  No nativity is complete without Samurai Gabriel and the Christmas panda.

At the end of our Christmas caroling time and drama came the gift bags. 

and hot chocolate and homemade muffins (courtesy of the director Judy).  

The checkered gift bags were made by some little 4-H friends of Aili's.  

Without being asked, Roman started gathering up all the empty cups.   I love seeing evidence of a servant heart, even in an 8 year old boy.   

I love these people!

The older siblings take such good care of the little ones.  

Amber's hubster sweeping up our mess.   

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