Cookies for Emma

Today is the day that a precious little girl named Emma was due to be born.   Instead, she went straight from her loving mama's womb into the arms of Jesus.  Today she is celebrating her first Christmas Eve with the same angels that announced the birth of the Messiah.   She will never know tears, suffering, or pain.

Her mama and papa, on the other hand, are far too familiar with tears, suffering and pain.  My heart aches for them today.  While the rest of the world celebrates...they grieve what should have been.  They mourn all that  they have lost. 

A couple weeks ago Emma's mama asked all her friends if we would do a random act of kindness and report back to her so she could write them all down and fill Emma's stocking with all the ways that people have been blessed in her honor.   

I thought is would be a very special way to remember their daughter but I hadn't come up with something specific that seemed worthy...thankfully my friend my in Mexico, Amber (who is also a friend of Emma's mom) had a really great idea.  She's a great idea kind of woman.

We gathered our troops,  and let our kids loose on a batch of sugar cookies.

We loaded our crew, the cookies, and a big thermos of hot chocolate into our SUV and drove to a nearby park.
Every Friday the park is filled with women , with their children in tow, selling their wares.   

We wanted to surprise them with a little treat.

We set up on a little cement park bench and starting passing out hot chocolate and sugar cookies. 
We wished everyone we met a "Feliz Navidad"

Our amigo Saul and his adorable little Brielle.   This little girl and Cece are so cute together.  

I love the traditional dresses that these Triqui women wear.

{I bought the red one...it looks so pretty and festive on my dining room table}

Emma's papa is Mexican and her mama lived in Mexico for years as well so it was fun to be able to do this act of kindness for the same people that Emma's mama and Papa poured  a lot of love into.  


Lynette said...

What a beautiful way to honour Emma's memory. Holding her family in my thoughts and prayers...
I have really enjoyed following your adventures in Mexico this Christmas - may God bless you and yours richly in the coming year. Lynette x

stellarparenting.com said...

what a beautiful way to remember a precious child. Enjoy the rest of your time there and may the journey home be seamless.

Marcy said...

I love the way that you honored Emma with your acts of wonderfulness. I think that was a great idea!! Praying for Emma's parents right now...