Our Merry Little Christmas in Baja

Christmas was a little different this year.  We didn't go to any malls.   We didn't take any pictures with Santa.
I didn't have any traditional Christmas pudding or butter tarts.  There was no snow, Christmas tv specials, or Sears Wishbook...
but it was a very merry Christmas. 

While all our neighbors here had their big Noche Buena celebration Christmas Eve we snuggled up with the kids, watched the Nativity movie and ate baked potatoes.  The next morning we were all up bright and early to open our gifts.  I'm pretty sure we were the only ones in the neighborhood awake at 6.30 am on Christmas day...being that the Christmas Eve festivities went on until only a few hours earlier.  

Our kids each received 2 inexpensive gifts (bought at a local grocery store) but they were thrilled.  They didn't even complain that they are still the only kids they know without a Wii or an American girl doll. Probably because now they know a lot of kids without shoes, or food.   I love how living and serving here has changed their perspective on gratitude and giving.    

Later in the day we met up with friends for a turkey dinner potluck.   

This lovely foster mom, who reminds me of a tall (no kidding she's 6'2"), beautiful viking, has been living here for 7 years.  Other than being mom to these two precious little boys, she serves the people she loves here in Mexico in a variety of ways.  

It was an honor to hang out with and get to know her this month.  I hope our paths cross again. 

The "MK's"...for lack of a better term.

Both Roman and Silas were glad to each have a bilingual buddy this month.

My Christmas princessa playing peek-a-boo.

No party is complete without a pinata.

Anyone notice the shadow on the wall?

Miss Cece didn't hesitate to dive right in.  My little scrapper got her share of candy.

I have no idea why this boy is on his third set of front teeth....


Shay said...

What an inspiration :)

Stacey Mckeown said...

I believe I met the one lady pictured about 5 years ago at a restaurant just outside of VG. Her little man was much smaller then and we chatted some about his medical needs. It's great to see that he is doing well and looks happy.

Auntie Gerrie said...

There are a lot of Canadian kids that could use a trip to Mexico for a reality check, parents and grandparents too!! Thanks Carla, you always inspire me, the pictures tell such a story.

Anonymous said...

Hi, wow what a great Christmas you had. So Blessed. Mine was not too traditional as well except for decorations. Took me time to find a nativity scene. I was Blessed that my good friend had an extra one. I love it. I made my gifts this year. I really think I am getting better showing my grown children and their new families, what Christmas is truely about. God Bless for 2012!

Sherri said...

Sounds like a pretty darn good Christmas!!
I live in Alberta and if it makes you feel any better there was no snow here for Christmas either. LOL

I am falling more and more in love with all the people you are showing on your blog every day.

Please keep the wonderful stories coming.