After a few tears and goodbyes, we packed up our little house in the San Quintin valley.  Instead of heading for the American border we drove 5 hours through the mountains.  Our destination San Felipe.  A little fishing and tourist town on the Sea of Cortez.  A meca for Hobie Cat lovers like my husband.  Although his Hobie was stuck back home on the frozen prairie. 

We loved heading down some new roads and seeing new territory.

Once we arrived we found some good grub and searched for a place to stay.  We ended up staying at a privately owned beach house that is available for wandering visitors like us.  

It was perfect
and we got a killer deal on the price too.  I suspect the fact that tourism here is hurting (due to the crappy American  economy ) had something to due with their willingness to barter.  We arrived after dark so we didn't get to appreciate the view until morning.

This is what we woke up to.  The weather on the Eastern side of Baja was quite a bit warmer and the water in the sea here is so calm and gorgeous.  The kids didn't stay on the patio for long!

I think I found a new happy place.

8 am New Years Eve. 
Not a bad place to bring in a new year.

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