Two thumbs up

We've been home in Canada for a week now and I'm still firmly in denial.  Thus my continued posts about Mexico.   Besides, my pictures of Baja are way more interesting than pictures of me doing dishes, folding laundry and teaching how to add and subtract fractions with different denominators.  Back to real life.  

We only spent 3 nights in San Felipe but I took a massive amount of photos.  This is a little glimpse at the town.  Just the right amount of tourist comfort without being all resort-ish and completely Americanized.   It has a small fishing town feel but with some ex-pat artsy flare.  

Was a perfect little place for a family vacation.  We rate it two bums up!


Stacey Mckeown said...

I tried that little move that Cece is doing...I fell over. She makes that look much easier than it is OR she is a yoga guru in disguise.

Marcy said...

Beautiful! I told my husband what you guys do in Mexico and we talked about possibilities in the future with our kiddos. We couldn't do it for a month, but the thought...oh how wonderful it would be!

I absolutely adore that last picture. I think it is almost one of my favorite of yours EVER! It cracks me up!!