I'm jealous of myself

Now that I'm sitting back home on the frozen Canadian prairie, in my bathrobe, trying to convince my children of the joys of multiplication, these pictures make me envious of myself 10 days ago.

Looking back, it almost feels like a dream.  Something I didn't really want to wake up from.  Our whole month in Baja was incredible, heart breaking, heart filling, and amazing but these couple days were down right FUN.

This is how we spent New Years Eve and New Years day.   We had a little mini vacation in San Felipe on our way back to Canada.   I'll show you more of the town and restaurants in another post but first...
the beaches of San Felipe, on the Sea of Cortez, North Baja, Mexico.    
Not a bad way to welcome 2012.

Kids playing in our "back yard"

Making some incredible family memories.

Enjoying some solitude and peace.

Just a little taste of paradise.

I want to live here.

Our beach house.   2 bedrooms.  2 bathrooms and the best back yard ever.

Well, we almost had the beach to ourselves.

except for our thoroughly traumatized bird neighbors.

Being adventurous enough to spend several days in an old unreliable car with 4 kids,  then drive around in the Mexican wilderness looking for a cool spot to stop may sound really weird or down right crazy to some people, 
but we like our kind of crazy.  
We might be weird...but last I checked, normal is pretty sucky.


Kim said...

Beautiful. I must admit I'm a little jealous of you 10 days ago too.

Great photos!

tony c said...

nice beach where is that san felipe place; sanfelipebeachfrontrentals.com it was great meeting your family. next time warmer weather

tony &