Life School - Marine Biology 101

Now that we're back into our typical "school" year,  I thought I'd show you a glimpse of our nontraditional education by reminiscing through an afternoon at Percebu.  While we were at San Felipe for a couple days it was suggested by some locals that we take a 20 minute drive south to a beach.  

A middle of nowhere, off the grid, beach with a little settlement of houses (I suspect mostly built by retired American adventurers).

The fun part is, the tide goes out really far here revealing an incredible tide pool ecosystem.

The kids scavenged for shells, examining the various invertebrates washed up in the barnacle covered rocks.

We did have some fun with the vertebrates as well. 

It felt like we were the only humans for miles exploring our own little marine wonderland. 

We left our school books at home while we were in Mexico for 6 weeks.  Initially, I felt the usual home school mom guilt for neglecting our grammar and math, but now I know they learned more this month than they will the rest of the school year combined ...
and we just happened to make some amazing memories in the process. 

Percebu, we love you. 

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Linda said...

Carla,...What great pictures. I loved all of the sea creatures/shells that you found.

I love the ocean. I grew up in Southern Calif. and we always went to the beach. To this day I absolutely love seashells.

So glad you had fun and learned so much. I am sure the kids will have fun memories.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits