Introducing my newest big kid

It's official now.  My baby has crossed the threshold into big kid-ness.  Next comes big bucky teeth, deodorant and acne...well maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.  Seriously though, they seem to grow up really fast after 5.  It makes my heart squeeze a little thinking that my last tummy baby is now a big kid.  For the record no one asked my permission to grow up around here.  (Although I do, on many occasions, implore this child to act like a "big boy").   
There are perks to older kids.  I'm hoping some of those start to materialize in this child.  

I love this boy! 
He's quirky, obsessive focused, silly, and smart.   

Our family detail guy.  He notices everything but still can't figure out how to smile for the camera.

Have you ever seen Big Bang theory?  Smile Sheldon.

Silas LOVES having a birthday.  He has been obsessing about it for exactly 364 days now.  
He's been counting down the number of nights for the past 2 weeks.  Every morning he wakes up and states "yesterday there was 4 nights left, but I just slept, so now there's only 3".

Happy Birthday Sy Fry.

I really out did myself this year on the cake eh?
Last year my resolution was to stop being flaky with my kids birthday cakes and parties.  I rocked the cakes last year.  Sponge Bob, Little Miss Sunshine, a campfire, and a poodle skirt doll.  This year I made no such resolution....in fact I feel the need to reset the bar nice and low.  How will they be thrilled with excellence if they don't experience mediocrity on occasion?  

I actually had slightly better plans for the cake for our "Batman" party but forgot to buy icing sugar (back to being flaky) and being that we live 30 miles from town and we got storm stuck at home this weekend....I was forced to be resourceful. 
Marshmallows it is.
This sugar fanatic thought it was great.

Hot dogs balanced out the nutritious meal.

We had 4 of his little friends over for a few hours to celebrate with us.  

He wanted to finish off the day doing "school work".  This guy is ready and eager to learn.  He constantly comes to me with questions about words.  
Mom are there two kinds of "free"?
Mom, are there three kinds of "two"?
"Mom, did you know that there are two kinds of "night"?

Happy 5th Birthday my sweet boy!!


James MacMillan said...

Happy Birthday, Silas!

Hannah Banana said...

Smile Sheldon... ha ha! That's hilarious!

Marcy said...

Happy birthday to your "big" kid! It looks like my kind of party. I also set the bar low, and if I rock it one year, the kids minds are blown (as well as mine). I have birthday season coming up in March/April, at the end of which I am either glad I went simple and am glad it's over or I am banging my head about going overboard and am glad it's over. lol!

Silas sounds exactly like Josh. He always obsesses about (everything) his birthday for a very long time. Like at Christmas, it was birthday countdown. Seriously, kids. we JUST finished almost killing me with your anticipation, do we have to start with the birthdays three months ahead?

Jobina said...

Aw, he does look so big! Happy birthday Silas! (and thank you for the Sheldon laugh, it was priceless) :o)