No one in our family appreciates a fresh, abundant supply of sea food quite like Roman.

Perhaps because none of us are adventurous enough.  

This boy ordered the mixed seafood cocktail.  

His favorite was the octopus.  I had to remind him a couple times, as he expressed how delicious they were, that tentacles is pronounced with an "n"...not an "s".

Although being a farm girl...I must say they didn't look all that much different.

Now that you are thoroughly grossed out...

It's time to make you drool.
I love authentic Mexican food. (Del Taco doesn't qualify)

The atmosphere makes the food so much more fun.

Giant coconut shrimp!  Delicious.  
The best food we had was at "Mariscos La Morena".
Excellent customer service (of course...we are in Mexico!) and absolutely delicious food. 
If you ever find yourself in San Felipe for dinner ...

the enchiladas were amazing!

Roman eating the rest of my coconut shrimp.  They were huge!


Marcy said...

Now I am drooling! Oh my.

I love the pics of your boy and his seafood. Hilarious! My oldest loves seafood too, although I am not sure the cup of misc tentacles would be very appealing to him. LOL! Funny about the mispronounciation!

Thanks for the post. It was mouthwatering. Those shrimp were huge!

Jobina said...

wow, there's no way my kids would have a smile on their face while looking at the seafood cocktail, I on the other hand totally agree with Roman, YUM! This makes me want to go to Mexico so bad, I'd seriously go just for the food :o)