Flush and Wash

"Contrary to what we have typically heard (and been enslaved by), Christian growth is not becoming stronger and stronger, more and more competent. Christian growth and progress is marked by a growing realization of just how weak and incompetent we are and how strong and competent Jesus continues to be for us. Spiritual maturity is not marked by our growing, independent fitness. Rather, it’s marked by our growing dependence on Christ’s fitness for us. "   Tullian Tchividjian

I love this quote.  Thought I'd share it for all you moms, wives, and Christians out there who look at the task ahead and wonder what God was thinking when he picked you for it.  How on earth did God think I could raise this goofy brood.  

For all of you who still say silly quotes like "God doesn't give us more than we can handle"....phooey is what I say.  He does it all the time.   The only way we fail is when we assume we CAN handle it all on our own.  

For all of you moms who swear that if you have to tell someone to "flush and wash", "Stop picking your nose", or "pick up that towel" one more time you will have  stroke.  

For all the moms who take little vacations behind the locked door of the bathroom.   
This is good news!  We don't have to be super woman!   

So pull up your big girl panties,  roll up your sleeves, stop the whining....and just abide.   Trust.   Rest.

{This is for all the moms who will never get the hang of being woke up at 6am every morning}


Marcy said...

You said it girl!! Again! LOVE it and want to repeat it (your post)to myself again and again...will be back tomorrow to remind myself.

Hannah Banana said...

Amen! With our new teenage foster child I'm being forced to wake up at 6:30 and every morning I think, "what the crap?!?!?!?!?" I keep praying and asking God to make me a morning person... but I really don't see that ever happening.

P.S... Love your new header!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you been watching me!!!
Thank you for the reminder!!

Hannah Banana said...

I sent you an award on my blog.