Back in Baja (and a bit of Disneyland)

On Tuesday we woke up bright and early and instead of packing ourselves back into the car at an ungodly hour we hung around the hotel until the gates opened at California Adventures.   We spent the next 11 hours  walking, riding and playing.  It was a really fun day. 
Roman took his frolicing to a whole new level...even after 11 hours, when the rest of us stumbled our tired feet back to the hotel, Roman was still skipping happily beside us.  Silas was a little overwhelmed at first but soon warmed up to the sensory overload and had a lot of fun.  Over all he has handled the trip really well.  Although we are all very relieved to be able to put down roots for a month after 5 days of hotel hopping.

On Wednesday morning we drove south and crossed over into Mexico.   On our way down we stopped at one of our favorite little stores to buy homemade cheese, tortillas and dried mangoes.

We arrived at our little town and saw our house for the first time on Wednesday late in the afternoon.  Even though we are living in a different place and not at the orphanage it still feels like home.  We are in the same area of the same town and have been doing a lot of visiting.   We went out for tacos with some friends but then crashed by 7pm...all of us sound asleep.  

On Thursday we unpacked our bags, set up our house, and visited our kids in Santa Fe.  If the video works you can see our visit.  Nathanael knocked on the door and when they hollered "who's there?" (in Spanish) he replied "Tio".   They all shrieked and came running out.   We are hoping to have these 6 kids over for the day tomorrow ...the benefit of having a house of our own.   We also spent a couple hours visiting all our friends and the kids at the orphanage that is only a couple blocks away.   It was great to see our old home again and all the people that we've missed.  

Can't wait to spoil these little girls a bit!

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Laura said...

Videos didn't work for me :(
But it's so exciting to see your pictures. It's so neat to imagine the little girls squealing with excitement there. I haven't seen "my girls" that I worked with in Romania since I left 5 years ago. (I can't believe it's been that long) It's bringing a lump in my throat thinking of them. I pray I can share more of the love God's poured out on me with kids who need it.
thanks for sharing your experiences...it keeps the fire burning inside of me.