As Seen on TV (Pawn Stars) - Baja bound day 3

Today started bright and early once again.  We were on the road before our continental breakfast was served so we did McDonald's oatmeal in the car.  My kids aren't a fan of anything greesey, eggy or sausagey. ...which eliminates most of the breakfast menu.  

We made it to Las Vegas at 8am local time and had gained another hour. The kids have been begging to go see the "Pawn Stars" shop.  They like to watch that show with their Dad in the evenings once in a while.  I suppose it appeals to the junk collector/ treasure hunter in them.  

I wasn't so sure that going to a sceevy area of Las Vegas to a pawn shop was a great idea for a wholesome family outing.   I was outnumbered and complied...slightly grudgingly.  

It turns out that it will probably be a favorite memory of this trip for the kids.  

Today was a good training day for our country bumpkin kids.   Street smart they are not...especially when very sleep deprived and overflowing with a desire to skip, jump and generally frolic like little calves released to pasture.   My full time job in any city has been to keep my boys from wandering unwittingly into the busy streets.  

Waiting for the pawn shop to open.
"Look,  I see Chumly!"

We really weren't dressed to impress today after 3 days of travelling with one suitcase (the rest of the luggage is packed away until Mexico).   In fact Aili was wearing her pajama sweat shirt that morning.  We were looking quite homeschool-a-rific.  It's a good thing we don't really care.   We embrace weird...after all 4 kids that adore each other and love spending time with mom and dad is about as weird as it gets.

Some sort of fridge I think.

Looking at the sword display at the pawn shop. 
At 9:30 am we ate lunch...which may sound strange unless you consider that our bodies are still feeling 2 hours ahead and we had eaten breakfast 4 hours earlier.  It was $1 burgers at Jack n the box all around (except for Cece who doesn't really eat anything at all...total toddler.)

We spent the next few hours driving across the Mojave Dessert and arrived in Anaheim California at about 3pm.

We arrived in plenty of time to take the kids for a splash in the teeny hotel swimming pool.  
It was just what they needed after 3 days in the car!    

We have a nice little suite at La Quinta Inns a block or so away from Disney....and right across the street from the cheese cake factory.  
We had planned to visit a grocery store to find a healthier supper but once we were parked no one wanted to drive to find one.  We've never eaten at the Cheese Cake Factory before.  It was good...but after all the eating out I am so full of sodium I feel like i'm being preserved.  

Mmm.  Fish tacos.  

A beautiful evening in Anaheim California.

Tomorrows destination...California Adventures.  
Fingers crossed that Cece sleeps past 3am!!   Between the 2 hour time switch and all poor nights sleep/ crazy early mornings....I'm feeling a bit travel weary.   I'm hoping we all can wake up refreshed tomorrow!  My kids are just not very bright when they are sleep deprived....like skip into the street  or lean over the edge of a high balcony dangerous dumb (brains shut off and bodies go into overdrive).  

Everyone is looking forward to our family play day tomorrow!


Marcy said...

Have an awesome time!

Jobina said...

Carla, I love how you talk about your family, you somehow can poke fun and show your affection for them all in the same sentence :) Have a great play day tomorrow and safe travels!

Jenilee said...

what a fun and exciting day!!