Ice Cream for Orphans project

I thought I'd do a quick update before we leave on our road trip to Mexico.  A while back I posted pictures of my kids collecting cans and bottles and told you about their idea to raise money.  The original goal was to save up $100 to take each of the kids at a particular orphanage out for ice cream over the course of the month we are in Mexico plus buy some other things to take to them.   

They began saving, collecting and working really hard.   Our plans changed a little and we found out we won't be working as staff at the orphanage, and because of that we won't be able to take the kids out for treats.  It was disappointing for my kids but they didn't let that set back derail their hope.  We changed the project to "Burlando kids compassion fund".   We prayed and talked about other ways we could use the money.  There is no limit to the possibilities. 
The kids effort was matched with generosity from many unexpected places.   Friends and family chipped in. Our new church family has been incredibly encouraging and generous.  

The grand total of our kids compassion fund is over $700!!   When Aili and Roman first had the idea $100 seemed like a really big goal!  

I decided to revert back to "Ice cream for Orphans" on this post  just to thoroughly confuse you all   because to me it paints a bigger pictures.  At first, when our trip plans changed, it didn't seem to cover all of what we hoped to do with the money...it was too specific.   The more I think about it the more I like it.   

We were all orphans in a sense, separated and alone, far from the Father who longs for us.  In His great love he has not only come to us and adopted us into fullness of relationship, he has not only provided what we need....he gives us ice cream.  He delights in giving his children good gifts and smiles as he watches us bask in his love.  He is the giver of all things good...and sweet and lovely.  Maybe I'm stretching it...but I still like the concept of Ice cream for Orphans.   

We want to show that kind of love to others...whether they are technically "orphans" or not.   We will be living in an area that is loaded with physical, emotional and spiritual desperation and need.  We want to give people a sweet taste of how much they are loved.  We want to paint a picture of the joy and affection that a Daddy has for his child when he sits and eats ice cream with him.  

I know this is going to be a very growing experience for my 3 oldest children. I know it is going to be a stretching experience for all of us.   It has sparked a lot of family conversations about compassion, generosity, humility, stewarding God's money wisely, and  prayerfully following the Holy Spirits lead.   What started as fun little side project for our kids has turned into a whole family mission.   We have some ideas of how we can use some of the money, but for the most part we are trusting that God will show us what needs he would have us meet when we come face to face with them.   

We are looking forward to keeping you updated on this project while we're away.  

Besides the donations of money and cans/ bottles,  we have a car top carrier loaded full of warm blankets that have been donated.

We feel the weight of responsibility and the privilege we have in stewarding these gifts well.   I'm looking forward to documenting and photographing the kids at work...and reporting back to all those who have joined us in this.  

I'm praying that this will be an amazing, life altering experience for our kids.  

Lord, my children are yours.  
Help me to raise them with hearts that have been transformed and filled with you.
Give me your strength and wisdom every day. 
May my little ones truly know, to the depth of their spirits, the you are faithful,
even if that means you take them through experiences that strips everything else away.  
Lord I don't aspire that they be successful in the worlds eyes, 
perform to impress, or that they live safe and happy lives.
Make them strong in your strength.
Make them wise in your wisdom.
Create in them men and woman after your heart. 
Use them for you glory.
You hands, voice, and heart in a hurting world. 
Bless them with real blessings.  
The greater joy that can only be found
in the places few people are willing to look. 

Other than the things I was whining about yesterday (like our broken down car and sicky baby) I have a prayer request as we prepare to go.   Could you please pray for our youngest son to be able to process and cope with this 6 wk change in location and routine.   He does not handle change, or perceived instability well at all.  We're still trying to figure this little guy out and why he reacts to life the way he does, but we are learning that some things really do set him off in a tail spin.  He's been so much improved the last couple months, it's been so encouraging to see, maybe just our schedule slowing down and Daddy being home more...but I am a little worried about what the uprooting will do to him (and what he'll do to us).   Please pray that we'll have the wisdom to know how to help calm his anxiety, and maybe even head off the turmoil before it starts.  As of this morning (as we begin to load up our car), he is already showing signs of apprehension.  It's mostly coming out as extreme emotions over very small things,  ridiculous obsessions, and a very sudden neediness/ insecurity....it's makes me a little nervous.   It is SO hard to have patience when he gets like this (it makes me crazy),  but I know that the only thing that will help is a whole lot of extra time, reassurance, snuggles and consistency from mom and dad (things that I selfishly don't feel like making time for right now).  


Marcy said...

I love the Icecream for Orphans idea! I pray God gives you wisdom and insight for where he wants the money to go. You won't have a lack of need! :-)

I am praying for your little guy too. I know I have a little one who gets really crazed over those transitions when we pack up to go somewhere. She usually settles down once she realizes we are all in the van TOGETHER and no one is left behind. Josh, he actually settles down on vacations. I don't know why, but it seems to be true. The whole family is together, we are all relaxed and we get to do FUN things. His sleep issues escalate of course, but I keep Melatonin on the ready for those. If his sleep is regulated than he is better able to keep himself regulated. By the end of our journey though, things tend to fly apart.

I pray that your little fella would feel the stability of being with his family, wherever he is. I pray that you can head off major stresses for him and that God will give you the grace to handle what comes.

Changes in routine are so difficult for some people (like my dh) and when you are a kid it's just that much more difficult.


Laura said...

I am so inspired that your family is doing this. I believe your children are incredibly blessed to have the chance to see life from more than just one little bubble. I'll pray that God's angels go beside you and keep you safe as you travel and give you wisdom and strength for the time ahead.