Baja Bound '11 - Day 2 Cedar City

(the ridiculously early morning caught up to him eventually)

Our day began very very early this morning.  Between the one hour time difference and a couple kids who are early risers...we were on the road at about 3am.   No joke. 
Silas crawled in bed with me at 2am..wriggling, and fidgeting until Cece woke up screaming in terror at 3am.    Since no one was sleeping anyhow we all jumped out of bed eager to start the day.

That makes for a really LONG morning...but we made good time and arrived at our destination ,Cedar City Utah, mid afternoon instead of at bedtime.  We were on the road for about 12 hours and ready to get out of this car!....as much fun as it looks...

The 3 oldest are actually all great travelers,  they entertain themselves quite easily, Cece on the other hand isn't a huge fan of a long day in the car seat.  It is a lot to ask of a one year old so she has been quite the trooper over all.    
So far there has been no kid bickering, no Dad tantrums, no vomiting, no explosive toddler diapers,  and no children left at the side of the road...a road trip success.  

Just past Salt Lake City a horrible racket suddenly came from the back of our car.  It sounded like our tires were falling off or something dreadful.  We pulled over next to a Del Taco and upon further investigation discovered that the problem is with the back fan.  We suspect one of Romans little toys fell down between the ledge and the window and is clanging in the fan.  We'll have to get that fixed or he'll cook back in his little boy cave.  

Since we were parked we decided it was lunch time anyway.   The kids had a good play at Del Taco Funland.   The tacos weren't nearly as fun.  To quote Roman "This doesn't really taste like Mexican food".

Our next pit stop was Beaver Utah where we let the kids out to play next the Flying J. 
After being cooped up for several hours it really doesn't take much.  In fact I'm not sure what Roman is showing me, I was too busy snapping the picture to notice.  I'm assuming it's a rectangular rock.   Roman, let's not pick up random objects found in the shrubbery at gas stations.  

Oh look, a giant culvert!  Who needs Disneyland?
An hour or so later we arrived in Cedar City.  We had some time to kill so we found a perfect playground for the kids to run off some energy.

 It really wasn't warm enough for a t-shirt and flip flops but this summer loving boy didn't see any snow.  
Tomorrow we find summer!

{and quite possibly a hair cut for this boy too!}

After egg McMuffins for breakfast,  greasy tacos for lunch and a bunch of salty crackers along the way....we opted for Wendy's salads (Baja salad) for supper.  It was our most expensive meal at $26 but it was really good.  I just couldn't do the 99 cent cheese burgers again.  We still have 3 days of eating cheap/ fast food.  

At the moment  the kids are sleeping,  the hubster is flipping channels and I'm journaling our trip.  I totally realize that most people on this planet don't give a rats hiney what we ate for supper...but it's fun for us to look back on these trips.  For those of you who don't succumb to mind numbing boredom and leave, thanks for joining us on our little family adventure.

Tomorrow our destination is Anaheim California.  It will be a somewhat shorter day which will be nice.  We will have time tomorrow to enjoy the hotel pool, and do some sight seeing. 

I'm very thrilled to be out of winter weather!  Tomorrow's Anaheim forcast is 85 degrees F!  Happy me.  


We Are Family said...

I'm not bored reading about your journey ;)

The line about not picking up random objects at the gas station made me laugh!

Continued prayer

Marcy said...

I'm enjoying your reportedly mundane details. I find them fun and exciting to live a dream that you've been talking about and I've been dreaming about(doing with my family) so ramble on about egg mcmuffins etc. I'm here reading and praying for you all.

Jenn said...

I also am enjoying reading about your trip, food and all! ;) (probably because I also journal about our food while traveling as well lol). And I am jealous you will soon be in warm weather! Prayers for continued safe travels.