November in Saskatchewan

Hunting Season is upon us.
People all around us are  putting on stylish orange hats in a quest to fill their freezer's with meat.
We live in a part of the world that has a lot of deer and moose "big game".
My men went out on a very manly hunting venture a few mornings ago.  It was the first time Roman was invited to tag along.  
They didn't "scout" anything worth bringing home to momma (and momma is kind of glad for that).  I'd prefer to fill our freezer with one of our neighbors cows or pigs..or even chickens.  
I'm not a huge fan of wild meat.

This was one EXCITED little man...and the big one was pretty happy too. 
Even though trudging through snow, tracking, and eventually shooting an animal isn't my cup of tea (I've never had the desire to even try it)...I do appreciate that my boys enjoy it and it's some great father/ son time together.  
I don't have any objections to hunting whatsoever.... as long as it's done ethically, safely, legally and responsibly...it's just part of "living off the land" and knowing where our food comes from.  

I'd prefer to stay  indoors during the winter.  It is COLD out there now.  The first really cold winter weather of the season always feels worse than the same temp. later in the season.  -10 degrees Celcius is miserable at the beginning of winter!
My husband did manage to shoot me (with the camera) in my own natural habitat. 

Speaking of habititat...
check out what my kids made in the back yard!

It kept them busy for about 3 days!

p.s  only 10 days left until our big trip!! 
Not that I'm excited or anything.

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Marcy said...

Hunting is so big around here too. My FIL shot his first moose in years a few days ago. I think he was calmly ecstatic. I do love a good moose meat. Don't care for deer though.

Your kids made an awesome fort!!

I'm feeling the cold too. Last night you could tell in the house that it was taking a dive outside. I miss my wood stove....a lot!