First snow of the season

We now have snow.  Plenty of it.

Some of us are more excited that others.

  We will see our green grass again in about 7 months.  sigh.
At least the deep freeze hasn't hit yet.

We're stuck at home today, not because of the snow but because our car died as we were pulling out of the drive way on our way to church.  Such is life.  I guess we can call it a "snow day".

 I 'm hoping whatever is wrong with our car is something that we can fix fairly quickly and inexpensively.  It needs to be in good running order for our upcoming road trip!


Kylee said...

How fun!! (Spoken from a girl down in the deep south where it is still currently 77 degrees). I am so excited for cold weather to hit here too!

Hope you enjoy a relaxing Sunday and that you're able to get your car fixed quickly and inexpensively!

Kim said...

that last snuggle picture is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

great pics! I love the last one too. Squeezes my heart.