Baja Bound '11 - Day 1

The kids are quiet in their beds (although some are still whispering and making burping noises) so I thought I'd take advantage of the Wi-fi.  We pulled into Butte Montana at about supper time today after 10 hours of driving.   The first leg of the journey went well over all.  The winter driving conditions were good...for winter.  The scenery driving down #15 was beautiful.

 We spent the whole day in the car, with only 3 quick stops for gas and potty breaks.   That must be a new record for us!   Cece did let us know how annoyed she was with the situation at regular intervals.

We went through a lot of crackers, puffed wheat, gummy bears, and cheese sticks. Our survival kit consisted of DVD's, a DSI, and a bunch of little toddler trinkets.    Last night I packed a little cooler bag with breakfast food and some pulled pork wraps to eat for lunch on the road.  Tomorrow and the next day our meals will consist of fast food drive through.  

{yes, this boy got a major hair cut...bye bye shoulder length hair}

After we dumped off our bags at the hotel, we dined at Wendys.  A lovely little old lady saw our dishelved, static haired freak show walk in the door and offered us her coupons.   Two for the price of one cheeseburgers.  With 6 mouths to feed free food is always welcome!

We are staying at the Finlen Hotel in Butte, MN.  It's a really old historic hotel and is pretty cool.  It has a lot of character.    When I booked it a couple weeks ago I was looking for a reasonable priced hotel ($85 for a suite) that had room for a family of six (not as easy as one might think).   The suite is two rooms joined by an open door each with 1 queen bed.  We added a cot and Cece's porta bed and we've got a good set up.   Cece was so exhausted after a day of traveling/ shrieking and not napping that she crashed and didn't make a peep...we'll see how long that lasts.  I expect we'll get an early start tomorrow morning which is ok because we have to make it to Cedar City, Utah by bedtime.

{I'm pretty sure if I push these buttons in just the right order we will be in liquid sugar paradise}

Good night, sleep tight,
....I sure hope the bedbugs don't bite!


Marcy said...

Glad you made it there. Looks like a very cool hotel! Have a good sleep!

Laura said...

Adventure has begun, all the best to your wonderful family! So many hours in the car has got to be in itself quite an adventure with the kids. :)