I'm Second Place!

I have have been honored with a second place ribbon this morning.
My very sweet and sensible 4 year old son presented me with a big hug and said 
"Mommy I love you, this is for you.
You are the second best mommy in the whole world"

I suppose , given the number of moms in the world, second place is quite an achievement!   It's good to know there's always room for improvement and I think that the pressure of maintaining number one would be just too much for me.
 Maybe if I ditch the pink bathrobe and start baking more cookies I will make 1st place next year!!

When I ever so humbly asked why I didn't get first place he  shrugged and answered
"because that was the only ribbon I could find under Aili's bed"

Look out mom number one...you're going down.  


Mary said…
That's sweet- Congratulations on such a great achievement!
Marcy said…
Oh that made me laugh! Esp your excited face as you hold the ribbon up. I haven't got even a participant ribbon so you are doing great!! LOL
Lynnette Kraft said…
That provided a good laugh for me! I love you and your kids! :)
Lynnette Kraft said…
You need a "Share" widget so your posts are easy to share. :) Just saying - this post is share worthy (and I did on Twitter!). :)
Love ya!
Carla said…
Ha. Lynnette, I tried but don't know how!...maybe I should take a road trip to Kansas so you and your smarty pants daughter can give me some blog tutoring. :) Anyone want to help me out and message me on how to do it? I know I'm really pathetic.
Carla said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
We Are Family said…
Now THAT is priceless!

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