Can I get a witness up in here?

"We have come to testify...
God is surely great"

I was blasting this track (featured below)  from my stereo in the kitchen, when Miss Cece came wandering in with her new tambourine   A tambourine that I bought yesterday at a second hand store (you know the depths of desperation I had sunk to, when letting my 2 year old play a tambourine 40 minutes home from town was the best option).

This afternoon, I smiled as I watched her dance, jump, sing/hollar, and bash her tamborine to the music.   She sang "ooooo"  "hawewuwah!".

She has no idea.  She has no idea why mom was singing "Hallelujah" this afternoon.

She has no idea that today her mommy and daddy just signed the last of the papers....the papers with her new name.   The papers that will soon be sent to the judge.  The papers saying, YES we want this child!

She had no idea, even while we were in the case workers office, what we were doing, she was only concerned with shouting "POOPY!" and being taken out to the bathroom three times (none of which she actually pooped).  Between potty trips we did manage to get all the lines signed and have the documents read to us.

She has no idea that her life could have been very different.  She has no idea everything is about to change and yet nothing will change.... the best part is she will notice nothing.   She will become ours very soon...but being ours is all she remembers.  No new home, no adjustments, no grief or trauma....just being labelled a  "foster kid" one day and officially  a "daughter" the next.

Our God is truly good.

He sets the lonely in families.  He raises up the least among us for His purpose.  A sick baby no one wanted, is a beloved and cherished child .  We breath a sigh of relief, exhale from two years of uncertainty.

We are here to testify.

God is surely great!


Kia said...

Hallelujah!!! Congratulations!!! A daughter & soon a son, sent from our Heavenly Father's arms to yours.... Double blessings!!! He is soo good!!!!

Sherri Davidson said...

Hallelujah!! Is right!! Yay I'm so happy for you guys!! I've been singing praise songs here as we'll but for a different reason. Have a fantastic weekend. I hope the snow holds off for a while yet.

Shay said...

Congrats, how wonderful! And I LOVE that song :)