This is the week

A week from today we should be back at our little rented house in Baja Mexico!  This past week has been a mess of packing sorting and finishing up odds and ends...although I'm not exactly finished yet. 

This is one of the piles in my house.  I don't have any spare rooms to pack and stack in so there are plastic totes, piles and suitcases everywhere.   This particular donation pile is made up of boxes of kids clothes and shoes that I've pulled out of our dressers and storage, some school supplies, as well as blankets given to us by friends and relatives.  I may have over estimated that amount of space we have in the back of our van.   This pile doesn't include any of what I have packed for us, a family of 6.

I try to pack our things as light as possible but with a wide range of temperatures in North Baja in the winter, a road trip through snowy provinces and states,  and a sketchy laundry/ water situation in the town we'll be living in I can't pack too light...it's tricky balance.   Any surplus I have is always used to clothe our little friends anyway.  I just hope I can scrunch most of this stuff in.    I have a feeling there will be blankets stacked between our children and rolled up under the seats.

This week has also been our first real week of winter.  Brrrrr.  I'm freezing my summer spoiled hiney off.   By March five degrees below freezing will feel like a delightfully balmy spring day but right now it feels like some sort of cruel torture. Oh how our perspective changes after only a few months of summer.  

The perpetual problem of a toddler in the snow...lost mittens and cold hands. Good thing this cold little hand has a big brother to help her out and bring her back to the house. 

I'm looking forward to saying adios to winter for the next month....and hello to 10 peso tacos and palm trees.

My next post should be written in a hotel somewhere between here and Mexico.   Hasta luego amigos.


Mrs Manz said...

Safe travels, friends! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures when you return!

Mrs Manz said...

Ha! Also love Nate playing with his iPhone in the 2nd picture! He's clearly stressed about packing, too. ;)

Rebecca M said...

Ha! I'm laughing at your snowy trampoline mainly because we use the same toddler slide to climb on to ours. Have a great time down south!!

We Are Family said...


Lynnea said...

Hey girlfriend!!! YOU need vaccum bags...the ones where you put your blankets in and suck it flat!
I can't believe you are driving to Mexico!! lol
WISH I could join you. Can't wait for you to post. Safe travels!

Paige said...

Ah... Mexico would feel pretty good about now! And winter has just started. Have a great trip and stay safe!

Sherri Davidson said...

Wow you have way more snow than we do. Safe travels!!! Can't wait to read all about it. Question: if I was to ship something to that village how and where would I ship it too. I have tons of old clothes of my daughters as well as some older blankets I could ship down.

Gretchen said...

Hi Carla, as usual I'm enjoying your blog and so happy for you guys to get to travel to Mexico again!

I was actually wondering if you would be going by/through Los Angeles on this trip and if so would you like to take a break and visit with our family? We would love to have you over for dinner if you are in our neck of the woods. My e-mail address is

Btw, your packing looks incredibly organized!


Kylee said...

Thank you for your encouragement...it is always good to know that my words are reaching someone!

I really cannot believe you have so much snow there! I cannot imagine living in a place where it snows that much, much less in October. Best wishes for you this week as you get everything packed and ready to go for the month. I'm excited to hear about your adventures and ministry down in Mexico.