New arm brace...and lots of snow

Look who got a snazzy new arm brace!

We ordered this one, after seeing another blogger friend who's little guy (who also has spastic hemiplegia/ cerebral palsy) was using it.  

We may end up with something different after he sees an OT or PT but for now this makes a big difference.

It helps to keep his left hand from curling under sideways.

....which helps to keep those muscles lengthened, and his hand at a more usable angle. 

...and it just happens to look really cool.    He's pretty proud of his colorful new superhero accessory. 

As it turns out two hands are better than one when you want to feed you're baby.

Check it out!  Lefty is holding a waffle! 

and even a cup.  

Someone is pretty happy with himself. 

This little guy also went to get a bunch of lab and blood work done this morning. My brave little boy had 8 viles of blood taken from his arm and didn't make a peep.  He just sat on mama's lap and nuzzled in while they went to work.  He said "uh-oh" when they first brought out the tray (apparently he's done this before) but didn't put up any sort of a fuss or even cry at all.  When they said "all done", he just smiled said "bye-bye...thank you".  It didn't even phase him at all...this kid is one tough cookie.  He had lots of stories to tell his brothers and sisters when we got home.

It may almost be March but I have a Christmas song stuck in my head.

"The weather outside is frightful,

but the fire is so delightful
and since there's no place to go
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"

...or in my case, let the house look like it was hit by a hurricane while being overrun with howler monkeys... while I curl up with my laptop and a cup of coffee.

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