We're home!

After many hours of flying, a few different airports, and a couple hours of driving, we all arrived home late last night.
It was so great to see my kids again and to tuck them into bed all under one roof.
Our first day home has gone well,  as well as a a day that consists of few over tired kids, a lot of mess, a new family member and parents with jet lag can go.  Elijah has meshed into the family so easily it's almost alarming.  The kids all love him, I have to remind them all day to get out of his face and give him some space.  He wasn't so sure about them mauling him at midnight last night, but today he thinks they're pretty great to have around.

We're really just in awe that this adoption journey has ended, and our new life as a family of 7 has begun.  It's all so surreal...and yet feels so completely natural too.  

I wasn't able to keep caught up with this blog while we were away (although Aili posted some pics).  In the next week, when I can muster some basic cognitive function,  I'm hoping to go back and journal my way through our experiences in China.  I want to write it down before I forget everything...and in my current state that may not take long.

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Patrick and Christina said...

Welcome back and a big Congratulations! :)

Looking forward to hearing more about your journey to China and back.
It sure can be a roller coaster ride sometimes. Praying that it all goes relatively smoothly... :)