The Summer Palace - Beijing pt 2

During our time touring Beijing we visited a government Cloisonne factory/ store.  I saw that on our itinerary but I really had no idea what that was until we saw it.  Such beautiful and intricate artistry!

We spent a lot of time on our agency bus. 

Our hotel in Beijing,  The Presidential, was very nice.  This was taken in the lobby, where also spent a lot of time.  We would hang out down here to "facetime" with our kids back home, and wait for our group to gather for our next outings....when you tour with  about 14  families there is always waiting involved. 

Elijah loved the glass elevators in the background of this photo.  It goes up through the high ceiling lobby and then outside.  It was like a ride at the fair, every time.  

Everything was beautifully decorated for Chinese New Year....even the hotel staff. 

Our next stop, the Summer Palace.  The summer vacation home of the Emperor who typically lived at the Forbidden City.   This was beautiful...and would have been even more amazing in the summer.  

The grounds of the Palace covers miles, and also includes a very large man made (before earth moving equipment) lake.  

Look at that beautiful smogless blue sky!...In Beijing! 

This guy must have brought us some good luck....
just kidding. 

A very long covered walkway...built so the elite folks who stayed here could walk from one location to another on the compound and stay shaded from the hot Beijing summer sun...and catch the breeze off the lake.  In the winter though it was too cold to be in the shade...it was much nicer out in the sunshine.

A non floating marble boat just built for lounging and dining on. 

This place would be gorgeous in the summer....although I bet it would be much more crowded.  

Back at the hotel room snuggling with baba ...a favorite safe place after a long exhausting day....

Stay tuned for the Forbidden City, Tiananmen square, and our goodbye China party....

Soli Deo Gloria,

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