Happy Daddy's Day!

I have two great reasons to be thankful on Father's Day.

I have a husband who is not only a loving, faithful husband and a man who loves and serves Jesus, 
but who is also an involved, playful, and nurturing Daddy to our kids.

I'm thankful that he raises his girls to know how a princess should be treated,
and that his sons will know by example how to be  men who will set aside their own selfish ambitions to protect, love and serve others.  

I'm thankful that he takes us on all kinds of great adventures.

I'm also thankful for my own Dad.

A man who has spent his life working hard, but who still takes time for family....which now includes a lot of Grandkids who adore him. 

A man who also knows how to use his strength to protect, love and serve others.

Happy Father's Day to all the men who realize the importance of investing in the lives of their children, by giving their children themselves.  

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Momma L said...

Great blog!! So glad to have stumbled upon it:)