Hickville Sports Day

One benefit of living in a small village is the annual "sports day". 

Town neighbors, farm neighbors and even some neighbors from neighboring communities come together for a day of food, soft ball games, and of course....
bouncy houses.

I remember last year wishing we had Elijah here with us, and I remember thinking "next year"...
next year he will taste the pie, ride the "train", and be a part of rural community.  

What a change.
A city boy from China, now a rural Saskatchewan farm boy.
That's quite a change of scenery.

He had a great time.  The "train" was his absolute favorite part of the day.  The first couple times he went with big brother or sister next to him....then he went with just Cece somewhere close by....then he was brave enough to go completely "alone" (well surrounded by other kids, but no familiar ones).

He was as happy as could be sitting on that thing.

Over and over again he went for rides.  Each ride was quite long and weaved it's way all around our little village. 

I was impressed with his bravery.  Little things like this, being taken out of view of Mommy without freaking out, is a huge stride.  I think the first time he was a little nervous, not knowing for sure that the train would return to where he left Mom and Dad....but after that he was Mr. Independent.  We always made sure to wave when it passed by.  

The "train" is my favorite part of this day each year.  It's a wonderful magical trolley that takes your children and whisks them away while you visit with other adults and eat pie.  I fully realize that in most other North American contexts this would never happen, or would be highly regulated.  I picture seats with five point harnesses, helmets required, waiver forms that need to be signed, and medics standing by.  There would certainly have to be more than one adult, and most likely emergency exits and wheelchair accessibility.  

My kids ate more than their normal fare of sugar and food coloring (I may have too)

Going for another ride.  This time my Hubster is taking his turn in the drivers seat.
YES....we are DONE seeding!!  Halleluyer.  The kids spent the day getting reacquainted with phantom Daddy.  We survived another year, mostly, with our sanity intact...almost.

Expensive frozen water.

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