I Have a Daddy

Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Elijah.  

I have had at least three different names in my life, but this one is my last.  
My new Mom and Dad tell me that I am their son, and that's not going to change.
After nearly 5 months, I'm almost starting to believe it.

I like my new name.  It means "Yahweh is my God"
My middle name is Li and it means "strength".

Did you know there are a lot of different kinds of strength?
My Mom says I'm really strong, and I can do so many things.   She's right, I can.

Do you know who else is really strong?  My Dad.

He's a really tall, big muscle kind of guy, I like that...
although it kind of scared me at first.

Now I know that he uses all that strength to love me with, and doesn't use it to hurt me.

I'm really starting to love this guy.  

Daddies really come in handy when you need a boost, 
or when you're too scared and they tell you "you can do it" and because their voices are so big and they are right there next to you, you can't help but believe it.  

Mom's are great for lots of reasons too, for example mine is snugglier, and kissier than Dad is...but Daddy knows how to play better than Mom does.

I really like having my very own Daddy.
Every little boy should have one!  

My Daddy took me on our first camping trip as a family of 7 this past weekend.  I suspect if it weren't for him we wouldn't have been able to have smores as a snack at 10 in the morning.

Daddy was also strong enough to carry me up all those stairs to the top of the water slide.  We went up and down, up and down, up and down all morning.  I wasn't tired at all! 

My Daddy seems kind of rough sometimes, but I'm learning that's how Daddies like to play.  He pretends to fight and wrestle us, but  he doesn't actually hurt us, sometimes he even lets me win.  That makes me feel really strong.

Yeah, having a Daddy is pretty great.

I know he's strong enough to protect me.  That makes me feel good because I know that the world is a big scary place....especially when there are dogs around. 

He's kind of like a super hero.

The only thing that bums me out is that I have to share him.  The other kids seem to like him too. 

Oh, and I almost forgot!

Check out the sweet ride my Daddy hooked me up with!

I can peddle it all by myself and make myself go in whatever direction I want to go.
I'm pretty fast...
which is a good thing because us six year old boys have stuff to do.  

....and places to go. 

God did a pretty great job at picking a Daddy out for me.  


Gigi said...

I love this post! Made me a little emotional. Probably because our Daddy is on a trip. Or because it made me think of what a wonderful Heavenly Daddy we have. Or because it's beautiful how God has put your family ogether. Or because I'm tired. Or because I am emotional. Or, most likely, all of the above. Thank you!

Sarah said...

I love this!!!! Such a great daddy...and an amazing son, as well!