I'm not writing a New Years post

I don't feel very filled up with insight and wise words this evening.  I'm not reflective, or even anticipating a brand spankin' new year.

I don't have the feeling that I'm turning over a new leaf, or starting a fresh page.  I didn't buy any champaign, and don't have any fireworks...even if I did the fact that it's like five million below zero outside would keep me inside (because I'm a big wimp).  My "Littles" went to bed at 7pm, and my "Bigs" went to bed at 9.  There was no way on God's green earth that I was going to enjoy their presence until midnight and then suffer the fallout of crabby kids tomorrow.
Today was enough to have me rocking in the corner...well maybe not literally but deep inside was a whiny little girl threatening to come screeching out.  Needless to say children asleep in their beds is a glorious way to end any day.

My husband also went to bed at 9.20pm.

I guess I'm just a ba-humbug lamo New Years grinch.  This night feels a little anti-climactic.

I'm am thankful for another year.  I'm thankful for the amazing year we just survived.  God is so good, and has been faithful every step of the journey.  I am truly undeservedly blessed, and thankful for so many things, but mostly this night feels just like every other night.

I'm not apprehensive about another year because I know who sovereignly holds it.  I'm not anxiously waiting for a "clean slate" because that was already purchased for me through the atonement.

I must admit that I am excited to see what God has for us just down the road but I know that I'll only be given enough light for each step along the way.  I can make all the plans I want but it's the Lord that directs my steps.

I gave up on "plans" a long time ago.  They went the way of many New Years resolutions. I know I'll fail, but I rest in God's undeserved grace, unearned favor.  I know that as I focus on Him, and keep pressing the gospel down deeper into the cobwebbed corners of my heart that this same grace that saved me will continue to transform me.

There is a certain peace and rest in that.

This year I resolve to eat more tacos at more Mexican taco stands.
I think I can, I think I can....

I lack the brain power right now to write anything of value so I'll share my friend's words with you. This is written for a specific church body, but It could be applied to the Church universally as well as we use this time of year to redirect our focus.

Happy New Year, from the Burlando clan.
I hope that you are blessed in all the ways that matter in 2014.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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Marcy P said...

Happy New Year. YOur night sounds pretty identical to my night. The kids were NOT going to stay up late but then someone happened to have a nightmare right at midnight so "Happy new year to me!" We talked about how the Holy Spirit can make you feel when he is present. We talked about telling the Devil where to go. Awesome start to the new year. Now he's in bed and so should I be. I hope your year is filled with blessings and God moments like crazy. You are my long-lost sister and we must meet and laugh and cry over coffee or some such. Blessings to you Carla!!