'Tis the Season

Elijah thought we were a little crazy at first, but soon got the hang of things.

Last Christmas we were counting down the days until we could bring him home.  I hung an extra stocking along side of the other four, simply because I couldn't bear not to include him with my other children. 
 It remained empty, but I loved seeing five stockings hanging by the fireplace.  

This year he's home.  
His stocking is hung, and he will wake up on Christmas morning with gifts under the tree.  
10 months he's been our boy, and I'm so thankful that we get to celebrate Christmas with him.

{Cece helping bake some Christmas cookies, in her festive dress}

Like something out of a magazine right?

This time of year things slow down a bit.  A time to catch our breath, and curl up at home.
Minus all the trips to town running kids to appointments, and activities of course.

Elijah loves the snow.  I took the snowman pictures a month ago before he had his surgery.  We now have much more snow, and the temperature has dropped.  

We're so photogenic.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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