Getting Ready for Christmas

This Saturday we put up our Christmas tree and decorated the house. It seems a bit early but the kids were eager to get the Christmas season started and I enjoy having the house all decorated too...even if there is no snow yet. My hubby was away for a few days moose hunting so we decided we would surprise Daddy with a clean and Christmasy house when he got home. I convinced the kids that in order to decorate ,the house must first be thoroughly cleaned. It has been a crazy and exhausting week with my broken up toddler so the house was in rough shape. Fortunatley I have kids who I have trained to clean :) I had the 5 year old emptying garbages and dusting while the 7 year old vacuumed and tidied up the shoes in the entry. By the time Daddy got home we had the house decorated , the tree up and all the bathrooms cleaned. For some reason its hard to appreciate the beauty of the decorations with a grungy house...not that it won't be grungy again before Christmas.

Silas woke up from his nap to a strange tree in his house. He was a little scared at first and didn't want to go near it but then he carefully examined all the ornaments and lights. He picked a black santa wearing a fire mans suit as his favorite and he frequently steals it to go drive his trucks.

Aili decided that our surprise for Dad wasn't enough and that we needed to make more of an event out of the "occasion". Aili does this by making shows...usually involving dancing. This occasion called for her prettiest dress and time dedicated to practicing her dancing. Here she is practicing her welcome home dance. What a lucky Daddy he is.

What a lucky mama I am!
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Jobina said...

That's a beautiful picture of you Carla!
I'm the same way about the cleaning, the house has to be cleaned first, then the decorations can go up. Usually the week before I decorate I also de-clutter and put a lot of my usual ornaments and decorations in boxes. I can hardly wait! One more week!

Lana G said...

Dearest Carla - THANK you for putting up more pictures of you lately :) I love seeing the rest of your beautiful family (don't forget that middle child - you'll give him a complex!) but I do long to see you in the mix :) Your home seems like a happy place to be - where your kids are learning, loving, free to explore who they are... all the things Home should be :) Think yer swell... I should also tell you that I have the killer brutal virus that Annie had - with a few added bonus' so forgive me for no posts lately :)

God's Girl said...

Thank you for sharing! I love your ideas!
I really appreciate your heart for the Lord... it really blesses me. : )