totally bummed

Ok , I was playing around with the labelling thing and the archived posts and managed to delete several of my old posts. Oh well. No more "Dance Party, Roman goes to School, and In the midst of the mundane" and a bunch of others that were labeled "motherhood" Like it really matters but it does bother me when something I put creative energy into or poured my heart into just disapears into cyber nothingness. Computers suck sometimes. Well maybe thats my clue to get off the computer and do something else. Hint to anyone playing with the labels...don't click on delete a label because apparently it also means delete every post with that label...not just the label itself! grrr

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Leah said...

OUCH...that really does suck! I would completely freak out if I lost my blog posts! I try to back up all my posts to a word document "just in case". I know that doesn't help you for now..but maybe in the future! You might contact Google/Blogger to see if you can get them back.

Also, I know you probably don't want to hear this right now..but your blog makeover looks fabulous. I may have to hire you out to do mine!