Monkey boys

Here is Roman and Silas' new bunk bed. Roman can finally move out of his toddler bed (at the ridiculous age of 5) and Silas will soon be moving out of his crib now that he regularly climbs out of it anyway. Not thrilled for that bedtime battle to start but I'll have to teach him about bedtime and staying in bed eventually. It is hard not to laugh when a couple minutes after I put him to bed he comes walking out sheepishly and waves and announces "Hi". One of those moments I want to giggle but have to put on my tough mommy face. Having my "baby" climb out of his crib always throws me off a little and appears ridiculously funny for a while. Its kind of like when my "baby" first starts having real words come out of his mouth. Its too cute. Here is Silas having fun on a shelf that now happens to be directly above Romans bunk...while he is supposed to be napping. The next picture is his "hiding" which he is good at doing if he knows he's doing something he's not supposed to be doing. Cover my eyes and hold very still and maybe mom won't see me!

Here is Monkey boy number 1. Roman has to be climbing...all the time. That or standing on his head. He spends a large part of everyday upsidedown. He even watches tv upside down. I'm starting to worry a little about what this might do to his neck etc. And have reminded him that God made his bum for sitting on not his head.
You know when people say their kids are "climbing the walls" well mine actually does!

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