More Hospital Pictures

This is the second post about Silas crib accident. Skip ahead to the one below and then backtrack up to this one for it to make sense. I know not very efficient on my part. Here he is finally sucumbing to a short drug induced nap. He still has one foot on the rail in protest.

Unhooked and ready to go for a stroll around the the ward. Still not a very happy camper.

Waiting for our discharge Silas and I were able to get more comfortable than we had been for the past two days. I could have stayed there and napped with him, but getting out of the hospital was more appealing. They had thought we might stay another night but he was doing well after surgery so we were able to go home. Yippee no more chair bed.
The nurses were great and so sweet to Silas the whole time. We didn't have any bad experiences with grumpy old nurses. The Drs....when we were lucky enough to actually see one were really nice too. We will be going back once a week for the next few weeks to get his arm re x-rayed. Hopefully those trips will be less adventursome. The dr. seemed confident that his arm and elbow would heal properly and since he is so young , very quickly too.

Finally home in his "new" toddler bed. The one we finally just took Roman out of. I wish I could say we slept like rocks last night but I'm still sleep deprived and in need of a nap. This too will pass. Right now I need to focus on keeping my busy toddler from falling on his face and arm. He's adjusting to the added clumsiness and weight of the cast but he occasionally forgets he can't use that arm. I'm hoping to catch a nap while he sleeps this afternoon...and I won't be sleeping in a chair either. :)
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Jobina said...

Wow, what a week you've had! Thank goodness when they are young they also heal quickly...I hope that is so true for Silas!

Allison said...

Since you probably don't check for comments on posts you wrote weeks ago, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your halloween post. I feel the same way and no one else seems to "get it". It SO ANNOYS ME that Christians get so involved with halloween without even thinking about what it stands for!

Grandpa Steve said...

Whew that is a lot of driving with an injured child and athen it gets topped off with such a LONG wait!

I trust he will heal well and quickly.