Harvest time and Homeschooling

We have completed our first week of school work at home. It will be a little hit and miss with me taking a turns on the combine but we are off to a good start.
We are getting the hang of things and I haven't lost my marbles yet.....
We have all winter for that.

Picking up Canola swaths

Canola seed ready to go.

Now you know where your Canola oil comes from.

Moving the combines to a different field...through a rather treacherous (and muddy at the bottom ravine).
I always enjoy being involved with harvest. It is a little trickier this year with homeschooling and a 4th child. I find the change of pace and scenery peaceful (most of the time...unless I get stuck in mud or break something).

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Valen and Carol said...

Wow, I love those pictures...I wonder if I could do justice to the combine pic??