Te Extrano

                               I miss Mexico.  I miss our amigos.  I miss the kids.
 I miss Pollo Loco quesa-tacos.
I am particularly missing, thinking about and praying for these little ones.
I wish I could visit and check on the kids that call me Tia.
I worry about them.
I wonder if Minerva and Alvaro are still in school?  Will Carmela and Ramiro ever be able to attend school with their older siblings?  How is the new baby?  Are they being cared for?  Are they hungry?
Are they being abused? Are they sliding further into the cycle of poverty and all that goes with it?

What future will they have?

 I miss my princesses Minerva and Carmela.
I miss these princesses too.

 I miss hanging out with these girls...
 and this boy.
 I miss the girl we sponser (right) and the other little girl that is growing up so quickly.

I miss taking trips to the ocean, going out to eat at taco stands , and going on adventures with our friends.
I miss our friends.  All of you...who probably aren't reading this because of the mission's handy dandy internet blocker or because you don't read English.   
I miss baking with these little ones.
I miss the ocean.
 Silas misses his amigos too.
In fact, everyday, at least one of my three kids begs to go back.
Back to hanging out in this casa.

I miss these boys  and all the rest of the kids in the Learning Center. 
I miss fish tacos.
I miss shopping at globos.
I miss Spanish church.  
I miss worshiping with my Mexican brothers and sisters.
I miss the palm trees.
I miss oranges picked fresh off a tree.
I want to go back.  We all want to go back.
We just aren't sure at this point when that will be, or how it will happen,
where we will live or how long we will stay. 
We had hoped to drive down for a brief visit this winter but as long as Cece's adoption is still in limbo it would be tricky.  
We are now hoping next winter we can go back for another 6 months...although I think we have now (if our adoption plans are successful) outgrown the trailer for more than camping trips.  We'll hope and pray and watch to see how God provides all the little (and big )details that would have to fall into place.  

I feel like I'm caught between two worlds.
When we live there it feels like home.  I am content and I am happy.
Although I missed having an actual house and I missed being a foster mom.  

When we live here it feels like home.  I am content and I am happy.
Although I miss Mexico and everyone there.  
I miss serving and working.

Right now we are foster parents, we are farmers, we are a Canadian family...
but we are also missionaries at heart.  
We miss our other home. 

I feel torn.   I know I was made to love and care for children in need of love and care.  Period.  I've known that since I was a child myself.   God gave me that passion and calling early on in my life...it just took quite a few years for that to materialize.
There are SO many children here that need homes and a family to love them.
There are SO many children there that need homes, attention and love.
I know that wherever God plants us we will bear fruit.

My husband thrived there.  He loved his work.  He loves the people.  Not a day goes by (especially now that winter is facing us) that he doesn't talk about missing it.

We are torn.  We have a life here.  We have a life there.

Only God knows the future of either.  


We Are Family said...

WOW! I bet you do miss every part of your life 'left' in Mexico. I love the pictures!

Shannon said...

I love all the pictures! It must be difficult to have your heart torn between the two places. What organization did you go through to Mexico?

Christy said...

I can *so* relate. It's like I'm never fully home, torn between 2 worlds. Hugs and prayers!

Carla said...

We served as "volunteer staff" at an orphanage and mission base in Baja Mexico. The organization is 'Foundation For His Ministry'. They don't have a very good website but it is www.ffhm.org
They have three orphanages in three different states in Mexico. We lived in our camping trailer while there and mostly ate in the orphanage cafeteria to keep our cost of living low.