Wilderness school

Because harvest has been rained out for the last couple weeks my guys set out on a fishing trip up in northern Saskatchewan.   
It was Roman's first time fishing.  It was also his first time experiencing the northern forests and lakes.

If he had been enrolled into a conventional classroom he would have had to stay home.  
He would be sitting in a desk...coloring pieces of paper...in the lines.  TORTURE!

Since we are homeschooling we can be flexible and embrace life's opportunities.
We are already loving this lifestyle.   Our math and reading curriculum got put on hold for 4 days this week while he attended wilderness school.

He learned how to reel in a fish.

He learned rules of initiation.

He learned how to drive a boat??

He learned how to stay calm while marooned alone on an island.  (He was probably thrilled)

He was taught how to gut a fish.   He had a fish anatomy lesson.
He learned how to start a fire in the rain using a flint and "old mans beard".
He learned that his Dad thinks he's a pretty great kid. 

He learned how to load a BB gun...

...and shoot targets off of a deck.  Shooting stuff off of your front porch is an import life skill don't you think?

He had a history lesson while he hiked to the remains of  trappers cabin. 
He had many botany lessons  from my uncle (pictured on the left).
He learned something else from his dad (pictured on the right). 

He learned that God is an  artist.

He was taught the important of a well balanced nutritious diet....

I haven't stopped hearing about all the things he experienced and learned while he was out with the guys.
He is one lucky boy to have his Dad, his grandpa, and two other relatives investing in him enough to show him the ropes.

Another botany lesson from  his great uncle.

A nature loving outdoors-man in training?  
Great Grandpa Carl would be proud.  

It was an unbelievably special week for my boy.   Thank you to the men who indulged his insatiable sense of adventure and curiosity.  

Dad came home very proud of his boy.  He really is a one of a kind.  

To sum him up in one word it would be ...complex.
Just when I think I  figured out what makes him tick...he leaves me baffled. 
His mind wanders and works in ways that often remain a mystery to me.  He never stops thinking ...he wonders about things I've never wondered about before...he questions things I've never questioned before. 
He has the mind of an inventor, an explorer, a discoverer, or a composer. 
 (Now if I could only teach the boy to read!)
Some of the things  that make me the most proud of him are: 
He is the epitome of living each of life's moments to the fullest.  He lives intensely, exploring , touching, experiencing...every moment of every day.  
He is trustworthy.  When we tell him to do something or not to do something we never worry that he will disregard what is expected of him.  He is reliable and extremely honest.  
He takes things in stride for the most part. Although he feels emotions with the same intensity that he experiences everything else....he has learned how to respond with maturity to disappointment and frustration (that was a long difficult battle...which makes the reward that much sweeter).
He is kind and has a huge compassionate heart. 
Even though compliance is not a part of his God given wiring....he has become a very respectful obedient little boy (once again, hard won sweetness!).  At the same time he is a very independent  boy who always thinks outside the box...".marches to the beat of his own drummer."  He is still non-conforming in all the good ways. 
He is a little gentleman in how he treats his mother :)  
His energy, his boundless silliness, his endless stories, questions and ideas can be exhausting....but those are also the things I love about him most.  
That and his freckles.


Jessica said...

Beautiful! What a special trip.

Shannon said...

That is AWESOME!!! Have you ever read "Wild at Heart?" That opened our eyes up so much about boys needing to be boys. Learning from the men in their lives about life! The reading will come. He is learning about life and relationships and "boy stuff". :)

Christy said...

"If he had been enrolled into a conventional classroom he would have had to stay home."

Not necessarily. My kids go to conventional school, but I believe in "personal days" and other life-enriching experiences. If the opportunity is right, I can easily pull them out. But just like Roman will, they have a little catching up to do when they get home.

Looks like a wonderful time - glad he had that experience.