Suppose God charged us...

"Suppose God charged us for the rain,
or put a price on a song-bird's strain
or music, the dawn , the mist of the plain.
How much would autumn landscapes cost,
Or a window etched with winter's frost,
And the rainbow's glory so quickly lost?

Suppose that people had to pay
To see the sunset's crimson play
And the magic stars of the Milky Way.

Suppose it was fifty cents a night
To watch a gull in graceful flight.

How much, I wonder, would it be worth
To smell the good, brown , fragrant earth
In spring?  The miracle of birth.

How much do you think people would pay
For a baby's laugh at the close of day?
Suppose God charged us for them, I say!

Suppose we paid to look at the hills,
For the rippling mountain rills,
Or the mating song of the whippoorwills,

Or curving breakers of the sea,
For grace, and beauty, and majesty?
And all these things He gives us free!"

author unknown

(both pictures taken in Saskatchewan, Canada)

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