Happy "After Today I can start looking toward Christmas and be done with this Halloween crap" Day

 These are a couple pictures of Aili and Grandpa riding horses yesterday.   We are "horse sitting" Aili's horse this winter for a nearby kids camp.  It works out great because she needed an old "camp horse" to learn to ride on and to take to 4-H with her.  We aren't exactly horse people (notice the lack of cowgirl duds) but I enjoyed riding as a kid and Aili is really enjoying it as well.   (I think Grandpa like passing on his cowboy skills onto his granddaughter too)
 We've  had such a nice family weekend.  The sun was out and we were all just home hanging out.   Saturday evening we rented "Karate Kid" (the new one starring Will Smiths adorable son).  We all enjoyed it.  I think the kids could relate a little to moving to a new culture, being surrounded by kids who speak a different language and feeling a bit on the outside.  I think most of us can relate to getting bullied at one point or another.
The boys LOVED the fighting scenes.
It has sparked my boys normally boyish behavior into a new found passion.

 Add to the pictures a lot of sound effects and sweat and you can imagine what my house is like
...post Karate Kid.  They are careful not to actually hurt each other (not intentionally anyway).  Silas holds his own surprisingly well.  He's determined to scrap his way out from under big brothers shadow.

Speaking of big brother.  This is another highlight of the weekend.
Mutilating a pumpkin.   Mr Sensory-seeking Roman couldn't keep from squishing, squeezing, kneading, tasting, and smashing the pumpkin guts.
Mr. Sensory-Stimulation-Avoidant Silas was horrified at the suggestion that he put his hands down inside the slimy pumpkin. 
Eventually we wore him down and he had fun with it.
He was the first to wash his hands though.

                                             Roman having way too much fun...as usual.

                                                                 The finished product.
                                                                   Barfing pumpkin.

Now I'm off to beg for candy at our neighbors doors for candy and to deal with the inevitable sugar craze that will follow.

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Jobina said...

I laughed out loud when I scrolled down and saw the carved pumpkin and Roman's face...priceless. Yay for really nice weather so the kids can work off all that sugar outside!