The season I'm in

When my kids are particularly irritating,
 teaching long division seems impossible ,
harvest time single parenting is wearing thin,
 my to-do list is overwhelming,
 my last nerve short circuited and burst into flames.
When I'm ready to pack my bags and hitch hike far far away (by 10 am.)....

The best thing to do is take a break.

Pack my baby, grab my camera and go for a walk.  Time for some sunshine and play therapy.

Breathe in the cool Autumn air.
Watch the squawking geese fly in formation and wonder what warm destination they are headed for.
Suppress a twinge of jealousy.
Watch my children climb orange and yellow trees.
Take a moment to remember why I love them.
Remind them that I love them. 

Listen to them giggle.
Remember that sometimes moms need to laugh too.

Watch them play. 
Ponder the impossible reality  that the innocent, playful years of childhood are  nearing an end.
Attempt to pause the quickly running grains of sand. 
Cherish the moment.
Capture a memory.

Lay back on the crunchy grass and gaze up at the clear blue sky.
Watch the colored leaves fall and blow like confetti in the wind. 
Breath in.
Breath out.  

Look for beauty in the the small things.
Enjoy the fleeting colors of the season that I'm in....


Valen and Carol said...

Just beautiful...kids and scenery!

Ashley DeLen said...

Oh what a wonderful way to regain sanity and find some fresh air!!!

Full Quiver said...

So very true! I'm glad your able to get out and refresh :-) Praying for you....

CailinMarie said...

sweet photos, true words, good for you