11 months

This little peek-a-boo girl is only one month shy of a year old.
That one year milestone is such a big one.  
Leaving infancy and entering toddler-hood...and all the childhood years beyond.
I am so so thankful that we have been her parents for that first year of her life.  
So many milestones we've had the honor of witnessing.

Miss Cece has developed a passion for hats and entertains herself trying all kinds of things out on her head. 
Her favorite hat happens to belong to her favorite person,
which also happen to be her two first words.
"Dad  hat"
I'm the one who has changed, scrubbed and washed every  diaper (with the exception of one).  I'm the one who gets up in the night, bathes, dresses and wipes the boogers  BUT
Daddy is the rockstar.   Just the mention of his name causes her to shake and squeal with excitement.  
Maybe I should wear hats more often.
It is pretty sweet though. 
He's just as smitten with her.
Even though she messes up the newspaper.

She is a proficient crawler, explorer and cupboard emptier.
Her silly little personality is really starting to show.  
She loves to initiate all kinds of games.  Mimicking, peek-a-boo, patty-cake, make-mommy-pick up-whatever-I- just- threw-down, or kiss my bunny blankey over and over are some of her favorites.  

Miss Cece just started pulling herself up onto her feet although she isn't too sure what to do once she's up there.   Once she is done being proud of herself she panics and starts to cry for someone to rescue her from her feet.  I am guessing that in the next few days she will figure out her dismount and be cruising from one piece of furniture to another.  

Not much movement with the adoption in the last month.  There really aren't that many steps left they just each take an undetermined amount of time.  It is a very slow process as we wait for her file to reach the top of the stack of files waiting to be processed.   Right now she is a file on a desk waiting to be transferred to another desk waiting to be transferred to a court room.

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Anonymous said...

The party is already beginning for me-I just hopped over from Lynnette's blog. What a cutie. Good luck with the adoption process.