I got out!

After too many days months of being cooped up indoors.
I got out!
Out of my house.  Outside.  Fresh air and sunshine.

As you can see we have all been going a little cabin crazy.
In fact, we've been making our own cabins to go crazy in.  

Who knew a roll of duct tape and the cardboard recycling bin mixed together could be such great entertainment!
They were playing...
 " Our house was destroyed in an earthquake.  All we had left to build a shelter with was garbage."

The temperatures soared to a balmy 7 degrees Celsius (ABOVE freezing level!) 
 The snow was sticky.  The eaves were dripping and the sun was shining.  
What a drastic change from a few days ago!
It gave me hope that we might just survive....

 Sticky snowman making snow is fairly rare on the Canadian prairie.  

Warm enough to take a snotty nosed, teething, nap striking baby outside for some fresh air.  
She was thrilled to follow the big kids into the great outdoors. 

Apparently it gave Roman visions of summer.
To say this poor boy has missed his bike would be an understatement. 
He is literally lost without it...miserable.
"MOM, I'm just feeling so HAPPY again!  It feels like flying!"
Maybe he should go out for snowy bike rides more often.

He also made a new friend.  It was a good day.

Please take me back outside mommy.
I have my boots.


A Mom After God's Own Heart said...

These pics are amazing! I love it when children get creative with cardboard and tape! Awesome!

Penelope said...

Congrats, Carla! You took photos of all the kids! I'm such a bad mom!